Qualities of the Best Memory Foam Mattress


          Memory foam is a type of foam that can change itself according to the amount of force applied to it. This quality is what makes it stand out from the rest of the mattress and why it is considered the best. NASA first made it for safety purposes; however, it was deemed too weak to provide any meaningful amount of protection to the crew of spacecraft and other planes. So, to not be at a loss, NASA allowed other industries to use this technology. The mattress industry was the first to jump at that chance. The companies added a few other chemicals to make the best memory foam mattress.

Why it’s the Best:-

          It loses its original shape when some pressure is applied to it, then it slowly regains its original form; however, after a few times, it will stop this and mold itself into the body of the person lying on it. Thus, the foam will perfectly fit the person and will not put large amounts of pressure on any specific part of the person’s body and distribute the tension throughout the body. Another characteristic of it is that it excels at motion isolation and doesn’t make noises when someone moves on it, so chances of sleep being ruined by someone moving are low.


          The best memory foam is around 12-15 inches thick and temperature-dependent, meaning they sense the person’s temperature and distribute the heat all around, providing a cooling effect in winter. The person doesn’t feel warmth, and in winter, the heat can’t escape. The body heat is distributed evenly, and the body can then reabsorb that heat. Sleep isn’t ruined due to high or low temperatures. It is made of primarily natural materials that provide a feel of being close to nature. The smell it produces is like the trees in jungles, and it creates a different relaxing environment.

Best According to Each:-

          The properties mentioned above are generally considered the best by a lot of people; however, every person has their own best preference, so it is advised to do research and spend some time finding the memory foam mattress that suits you the best. When you buy a bed, you should try it out and spend some time lying in it and try to get comfortable. This tactic will ensure that you get the best mattress for yourself because if you don’t do this, then even the most expensive one won’t be able to get you a good rest.


          Every person has their preference; however, the properties mentioned earlier are present in almost all. The prices, quality, and lifetime of these mattresses vary depending on the company using them. However, the GravityLux beds are overall considered the best.